The leading market for growing companies

AIM is the world’s leading market for growing companies and is open to companies from all sectors and from all over the world.

Why float on AIM?

Increased profile, status and credibility from being quoted on an internationally recognised and respected stock exchange

  • Limited or no trading record may not prevent a float
  • Access to a wide pool of capital
  • Lower criteria for floating and less ongoing obligations than the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange
  • Regulatory environment is designed for smaller companies, without the onerous requirements of US Markets
  • Valuable tax benefits available for investors

What are the criteria for joining AIM?

To succeed in floating on AIM, a company will need to have a clear strategy and be attractive to potential investors.

Each company applying to join AIM must:

  • Appoint a Nominated Advisor (Nomad), who will judge whether the company is suitable for the market following extensive due diligence. This will include considering whether the company is going to be able to comply with the ongoing obligations. After joining AIM the Nomad will continue to closely monitor the company and can suspend the quote if any requirements are not being complied with. If a company should cease to have a Nomad, its quote will be suspended until a new one is appointed;
  • Appoint a nominated broker;
  • Have no restrictions on the free transferability of the shares listed;
  • Be registered as a public limited company (plc) or equivalent and be legally established under the laws of its country of origin. It must prepare its financial statements under UK GAAP, IFRS or equivalent standards (which include US or Japanese);
  • Prepare an admission document. The directors are responsible for the accuracy of this document and there are stringent penalties if the document is subsequently found to be misleading in any respect. The admission document will require extensive financial and other information to be included and will require legal advisors, reporting accountants, and PR advisors. Financial information for up to 3 years and prospective financial information may be required for the document;
  • Appoint non-executive directors;
  • Systems to ensure the ongoing obligations including regular reporting to investors and AIM are complied with.

How can we help?

We can help you through the whole process by:

  • Helping groom you for flotation, including structuring the business
  • Introducing you to Nomads and other advisors
  • Holding your hand through the flotation process
  • Acting as Reporting Accountants
  • Advising on taxation matters

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