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Crypto Assets Compliance

Crypto Assets Compliance

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have evolved into more than just a disruptive technology; despite the hazards, they are increasingly being used as investments. Both ensuring your crypto wallet security is up to par and making sure you or your company follows tax laws regarding cryptocurrencies are critical.

Our specialised team can offer a wide range of services and guidance for you if you or your business own crypto assets, including help with tax and reporting requirements, valuations, security evaluations, and recovering lost or stolen cryptocurrency.

For companies using digital assets, we furthermore offer specialised crypto auditing services.

Crypto Auditing

Our team of cryptocurrency auditors has extensive knowledge of both statutory and non-statutory audits within the Digital Asset ecosystem. For shareholders to have the confidence they expect in the audited financial statements, our professionals verify that the most recent developments in the industry are completely accounted for by the audit approach.

Cryptocurrency Tax

Your success in cryptocurrency investing comes with tax and reporting duties, regardless of whether you are an individual investor, the creator of a start-up, or a successful business. Our knowledgeable staff of crypto tax experts can assist you in managing your portfolio and tax risks, your capital gains tax on bitcoin, and any reporting requirements.

Economic Crime Advisory

We can help you overcome a variety of risk and compliance issues, including money laundering, supporting terrorism, violating sanctions, and dealing with bribery, corruption, and fraud. We can provide a wide range of services, including as independent framework reviews, policy and procedure enhancement, training development and distribution, and file clean-up, if your company is subject to the UK Money Laundering Regulations.

Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery

Our specialised team is now able to provide a wide range of bitcoin investigation and recovery services.

We offer asset tracking and crypto fraud investigation services to clients facing a variety of situations, whether as a stand-alone necessity or as a component of a larger asset tracing or fraud investigation. Additionally, we can assist in recovering your crypto wallet and keys.

Crypto Asset Valuation

We are specialists in the risk management procedures for crypto derivatives and structured financial products as well as the valuation of cryptographic assets. You may understand and manage the risk profile of your cryptocurrency portfolio with the aid of our Forensic Accounting specialists.

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