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External Audit

We believe audit is critical to the economic foundations of a fair and thriving world. Audit has been, and remains, a profession at the heart of our business. We work for the public interest and, by caring about the organisations we audit and their stakeholders, help to build sustainable businesses for the benefit of society as a whole. We see our annual audits and assurance engagements as an opportunity to provide you with far more than statutory compliance.

Working with Parker Russell for your Audit

Global marketplace is constantly changing and evolving, but dynamic businesses are responsive, adapting to the environment. Auditing and financial reporting remains high on the agenda as the implications of not getting it right can be serious. Strong reporting with independent opinion gives self-assurance to businesses who are continuously driving for open and clear growth.

Ever shifting regulatory requires a custom-made, responsive approach and focused on dealing with your key risks and challenges. Whether it be a UK or a global audit, this is our approach with clients. Every business is unique and faces a unique set of circumstances. It is only by understanding that, that we are able to deliver exceptional client service.

We offer an individual, human-centric approach that goes beyond compliance, with a united structure that allows us to work effortlessly as one team. We serve regional, national and international companies of all sizes and structures by combining the right people with the right skills for every engagement, leveraging our collective knowledge and using consistent tools and methodologies.

Quality and reliability

Our reputation is built on the quality of the work we deliver. Our approach to quality assurance is planned not only to ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, but more significantly to ensure that we deliver the best to our clients every time we work with them.

We offer strong independence as a core value against which all of our services and people are assessed; more hands-on input and accessibility at senior level; more face-to-face time with clients; to take the time to understand clients’ needs; specialists that operate outside technical silos; and sector and industry specialists with breadth and depth of expertise.

Supporting you to achieve your ambitions

We provide a wide range of audit and assurance services to private, public and international companies across various sectors. We audit global companies to Small Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) companies.

Our people are committed to delivering best-in-class assurance services in locations where you are. We respond to the challenges of our clients with high quality, value for money technical solutions every time.

We can provide you with innovative assurance services covering the following:

We are able to assist you with a full range of audit and assurance services, including:

  • Financial statement audit
  • Regulatory reports
  • IFRS reporting
  • Financial accounting
  • Independent controls and systems process assurance
  • Grant audits
  • Specialist pension fund audits
  • Independent examinations
    Voluntary statutory audits

Non –statutory audit assurance

Are you required to meet the needs of a third party over your data submission? We can provide a report of specific findings or level of assurance over financial and non-financial data tailored to the needs of your business and third-party requirements.

  • Agreed-upon procedures where there is a need for a bespoke report on factual findings within a specific area of financial or non-financial data
  • Accountants reporting on grant-funded projects
  • ·Agreed-upon procedures for turnover certification, loan-covenant compliance, and internal processes and controls
  • Assurance over non-financial data submissions made to UK and EU regulatory bodies

Our people

We are one integrated and collaborative team, across sectors and services. This means we combine specialist local knowledge with the international perspective that comes from being one single firm globally. We bring together the right people, with the right expertise, at the right time to provide seamless delivery. Our approach to our audit and assurance engagements is very open. We like our teams to work in partnership with your own personnel, and encourage open, two-way communication at every stage of the audit process.

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